With a career spanning more than two and a half decades, my professional life has been deeply rooted in the aviation and engineering sectors.

I joined the U.S. Army at the age of 19, attended helicopter flight school and become a Warrant Officer pilot. During this time I received comprehensive training encompassing both aviation operations and leadership principles.

While flying for the National Guard, I earned a Bachelor’s degree in Aerospace Engineering and became an engineer. Subsequently, while working for Boeing full-time and simultaneously pursuing a Master’s degree, I was a diagnosis of ADHD in my mid thirties.

Like many, when diagnosed with ADHD, I felt that this explained my abundance of mental and physical energy along with my inconsistencies and impulsiveness.

My mental energy has aided in my engineering career even more after diagnosis and being medicated. My physical energy has kept me fit and healthy.

I have accumulated experience in different sizes of organizations, ranging from small-scale startups comprising fewer than ten team members to large multinational corporations such as Boeing and Caterpillar. This gives me a basis for career counseling and understanding how to optimize someone’s work environment for ADHD.

I am a proud graduate of the ADD Coach Academy, further enhancing my credentials in the realm of coaching and mentoring.