What type of jobs do people with ADHD do well in?

The jobs ADHDers do well in are ones that really “makes your heart sing“. This is not “joy” or “bliss” but is what service to humanity you feel deep down in your heart you should do. It’s the thing you would do even if might make you miserable sometimes or even put you in harms way.

I was able to find careers what really resonated with me. Flying MEDEVAC helicopters was an exciting challenge. However, learning how to get some sleep in a flight suit with my boots on ready to fly at a moments notice wasn’t an exciting skill to learn.

Do not ask your ADHD for what you should do, it will come up with a new career every two weeks. You’ll research it with hyperfocus and maybe impulsively get a job in that direction. If it isn’t right for you and “your heart isn’t into it” then you’ll be unhappy once the newness wears off. Then you’ll be off on another path.

So, how to ask your heart? The exercises in the book “What Color Is Your Parachute” is a good start.

Keep asking…