ADHD is My Superpower

A hero goes through different stages before they become skilled at using their inner power.

When the hero starts out they are unconscious of their power and they’re just ordinary. They are also incompetent in using it.

The first stage is the discovery of their power. They think, “Hey, there is something there that may be out of control but there’s a lot of energy and power.”

This is conscious incompetence. Being aware that their power is screwing up their life and they don’t have the skills to regulate and focus.

Eventually a certain level of competence is gained. This is usually with a guiding force. It may be a parent, mentor, company or military organization which gives the structure to harness the power.

Then there is unconscious competence where the superhero can allow their subconscious to apply their abilities.

Then the hero is tested on their personal journey. The challenges are beyond the current abilities of the hero. This result of being tested is Conscious Competence which allows the hero to be comfortable with who they are.

The hero now wiser and aware of capabilities and limitations continues the adventure.

These stages can apply to any skill, talent or trait. Even ADHD.

If you have been diagnosed as an adult you may already using ADHD as a superpower.